JHS incident involved a gun

JOHNSTOWN — Following an argument during a Sunday pick up basketball game at Johnstown High School, a gun was drawn and “brandished” at other players, said Greater Johnstown School District Superintendent Patricia Kilburn today.

“It was a gun, a legitimate weapon,” said Kilburn.

The Greater Johnstown School District reported the incident Sunday night on the Johnstown High School grounds allegedly involving “what appeared to be a gun,” officials said.

Kilburn said the incident occurred at the basketball courts behind administrative offices to the rear of the high school.

The game included some adults as well as youths from Johnstown High School. The person who drew the gun was a Johnstown High School student, Kilburn said.

The item posted on the district website after the incident occurred indicates the Johnstown Police Department informed the district administration that an individual allegedly brandished “what appeared to be a gun” on school property at about 7:30 p.m. Sunday. The items says the incident occurred during an outdoor group basketball game.

School district officials said a person was taken into custody, and district premises were secured following the incident.

The city Police Department has not issued a public statement about the incident, including any possible pertinent arrest information.

Police Chief Mark Gifford and Lt. David Gilbo didn’t return phone calls this morning.

“While this was an isolated incident during non-school hours, we will nonetheless be taking additional safety precautions at school [Monday] to ensure the wellbeing of our students and staff,” the website stated. “This will include the presence of police during arrival in the morning, so please do not be alarmed. Classes will resume as normally scheduled for [Monday].”

The website added that the district — as a gun free zone — “takes this matter very seriously and intends to cooperate with local authorities as they pursue this matter.”

Kilburn said a “crisis team” was available to meet with students if they needed to.