Electrical cord caused blaze

The home at 25 Grand St. in Gloversville badly destroyed by fire Friday morning is seen Friday afternoon. (The Leader-Herald/Michael Anich)

GLOVERSVILLE — The Gloversville Fire Department has released more information about a Friday morning fire that sent two residents to a Syracuse burn unit.

According to the Gloversville Fire Department, three occupants of a two-family home at 25 Grand St. were rescued by police and firefighters.

In the statement sent by Fire Chief Tom Groff, GFD states the first-floor apartment was occupied by Jeremy Dake, 43, and his mother Dianne Dunlop, 60.

Groff told The Leader-Herald Friday morning that Gloversville Police Officer Melinda Palmer discovered the fire at around 3:35 a.m.

Police found Dake was able to escape the fire on his own, however Dunlop was rescued by Gloversville police officers Sgt. Robert Brown and officer William Christman.

Groff said Friday morning that the two officers found Dunlop trying to get out of the rear of the first floor apartment. Christman and Brown entered the rear of the first-floor apartment and assisted Dunlop out of the building.

After learning Kathleen Cristiano, 32, and Francis St. Andrew, 62, remained in the second floor apartment, Battalion Chief Brandt Minkler went to the rear of the structure to find access for a rescue attempt. Minkler was able to remove several items blocking their exit and escort them to safety.

Dake and Dunlop, were both airlifted to Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse to be treated for injuries sustained in the fire.

Both occupants are expected to make a full recovery.

A snake and rodent who were being kept in separate cages, perished in the blaze.

Groff said Friday morning that the response to this fire represented a great team effort between the Gloversville Fire Department, Johnstown Fire Department, Gloversville Police Department and Fulton County Ambulance Service.

“It was a great team effort today. My guys did a great job of getting the fire knocked down and getting the two people out of the upstairs apartment and the [police] helped get the one person out. The ambulance service and Johnstown showed up and that was critical man power,” Groff said. “It was a great effort.”

The cause of the fire was investigated by the Gloversville Fire Investigation Bureau and assisted by investigators from the Johnstown Fire Department, NYS Office of Fire Prevention and Control and the Fulton County Fire Coordinator’s Office.

The cause of the fire was determined to be accidental misuse of electrical subsidiary equipment.

Gloversville fire officials said residents should always make sure that adding additional electrical equipment doesn’t place too high a load on that equipment or wiring in the home.

“A certain tragedy was narrowly averted today due to the quick and decisive actions of city police and firefighters. These citizens are lucky that responders were able to successfully remove them from harm’s way in this crucial situation,” the release stated. “Two simple actions by residents can be critical to ensuring their safe exit from a potentially dangerous situation. This years’ theme for Fire Prevention Week was ‘Every Second Counts’ and two simple things that each resident should make their own priority could save their life.”

GFD said each apartment was provided with a smoke detector and all were missing batteries or didn’t function.

“A working smoke detector gives you those extra seconds to escape a fire, which may make the difference between life and death or serious injuries. It’s up to each of us to ensure our own safety by making sure that smoke detectors work,” the release states.

GFD states that in basic fire safety lessons, firefighters teach everyone to have two ways out of a dwelling. According to fire officials, in this scenario, the front exit was blocked by fire with no way to get out.

“A simple exit out the rear of the apartment leads occupants to safety. It also protects the lives of first responders,” GFD writes.

“When you don’t prepare yourself to get out safely you are also endangering the first responders who will risk their lives to save you. Good housekeeping making sure exits are kept clear will show concern for your safety, the safety of your neighbors and the safety of first responders,” the release states. “The Gloversville Fire Department is always available to answer any questions residents may have to ensure their safety and the safety of our neighbors.”