Properties eyed for demolition

Annual process for foreclosed properties

JOHNSTOWN — Fulton County legislators are going through their annual process to weed out dilapidated, foreclosed city of Gloversville properties headed toward county auction, and earmark them for demolition.

County Treasurer Terry Blodgett last week requested legislative approval to remove certain Gloversville properties from the annual county auction in June. They are placed them in the custody of the county Department of Solid Waste, under Operation Green Scene.

The county in 2004 authorized an intermunicipal agreement with Gloversville to assume property tax collection and enforcement on delinquent properties.

Operation Green Scene is a 10-year-old county program to demolish tax-foreclosed buildings in Gloversville that likely won’t sell at public auction. By placing them with the Solid Waste Department, they are subject to being bulldozed by the county Demolition Team. The demolition team was established by the county in 2001.

“That’s the process we go through every year to try to improve the Gloversville area,” Blodgett said Wednesday.

Fulton County conducts its annual foreclosed property auction every June. The auction last June 15 at the Holiday Inn involved 100 properties, The 2016 auction netted an extra $350,000 above the covered tax-delinquency amount and was one of the county’s most successful auctions ever.

The county Board of Supervisors’ Finance Committee last week approved a motion to remove eight Gloversville properties from the annual county auction. Properties were narrowed down from a list of 52 Gloversville foreclosed properties that the county’s Foreclosure Review Committee inspected. The committee consists of Blodgett, county Administrative Officer Jon Stead, county Civil Defense-Fire Coordinator Steve Santa Maria, and Gloversville Building Inspector Brandon Myers.

A list of requested Gloversville demolition properties, with the owners and amount of tax delinquency follows:

∫ 40 Steele Ave., Donald Rudge — $7,840.

∫ 34 Fifth St., Orlando Millington — $1,527.

∫ 232 S. Main St., Timothy Marlitt — $8,745.

∫ 15 Chestnut St., Maude Hall — $3,271.

∫ 27 Wells St., David Lewis — $3,492.

∫ 54 Forest St., David Van Horne –$6,459.

∫ 272 Bleecker St., Warren Creglis — $7,515.

∫ 23 Union St., Pauline Bentley — $6,071.

Blodgett said the committee tries to put the six to eight worst Gloversville properties on a list for demolition.

“These properties are in poor condition and pose a safety issue,” county officials said. “If approved, both the city of Gloversville and the county of Fulton will benefit from their demolition.”

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