Nursing home awarded $109K

JOHNSTOWN — The Wells Nursing Home was recently awarded a $109,000 grant from the state Department of Health to offer training to its staff to prevent avoidable hospitalization.

Facility Administrator Neal VanSlyke said today the 100-bed nursing home on West Madison Avenue has received similar funding in the past.

“It’s been over the last couple years, as part of the New York state budget process,” he said.

VanSlyke said the training for is staff from this award has “tentatively” been set to start in June.

The $109,000 grant was made available through DOH’s Advanced Training Initiative program. That ATI program is aimed at training direct care workers and other nursing home staff to help detect early changes in residents’ physical conditions and mental or functional status, which could lead to avoidable hospital and emergency room visits.

A news released issued Friday by Wells Nursing Home said that in less than 40 percent or all nursing homes in New York state — only those with highest employee retention rates — were eligible to apply for the ATI grant.

VanSlyke stated in the release: “We are pleased to have received this training grant under the ATI program. The grant award not only affirms the commitment of our employees to the residents entrusted to our care, it also will allow us to invest in state-of-the-art training to detect health issues that could lead to hospitalization that could otherwise been avoided.”

The local nursing home will work with Latham-based LeadingAgeNY to deliver the training curriculum to appropriate staff, identify policies and procedures to implement the program, and institute measures to identify progress made, VanSlyke said. It is anticipated training will run through the end of 2017.

Wells Nursing Home is a not-for-profit mission-based organization.

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