Energy efficient help available

Weatherization, new furnaces and repairs offered by FCAA

FONDA — Upstate New York gets cold in the winter, and heating homes at this time of year gets expensive.

With the uncertainty of fuel prices to worry about, many local residents would feel better knowing their homes are more energy efficient and better protected against the elements. That’s where Fulmont Community Action Agency’s Energy Services Program comes in, according to a news release.

The Energy Services Program is the local provider of the Weatherization Assistance Program. Funded by New York state Housing and Community Renewal, Weatherization helps income-eligible residents by performing energy-saving measures on their homes. These include the installation of insulation, testing and repair of heating systems, and air sealing of doors and windows to plug leaks and reduce drafts, as well as additional health and safety measures.

The Energy Services Program also offers Empower NY, a similar program which can work in conjunction with Weatherization to increase the amount of work done on a home, or independently in homes which have already received Weatherization services.

Fulmont is also partnering with National Grid to provide the Low Income Fuel Conversion Program. Under this program, HEAP eligible homeowners who heat their homes with oil, propane, kerosene, electricity, or wood, and have natural gas at the road — National Grid covers the first 100 feet of pipe — may qualify for a free high-efficiency furnace or boiler courtesy of National Grid.

All of these services are provided without financial obligation to income-eligible homeowners. However, owners of rental property who are not income-eligible and do not reside in the rental unit may be required to make a financial commitment toward the total cost of the services that are provided by the programs.

The goal of these programs is to reduce energy consumption by up to 40 percent. Interested individuals can contact Fulmont Energy Services administrative office at 853-8359 for more information or to request an application.