Business’ storage garage leveled

Firefighters battle a storage-garage fire in the town of Johnstown on Tuesday. (The Leader-Herald/Bill Trojan)


The Leader-Herald

JOHNSTOWN — A two-story garage holding thousands of dollars worth of equipment for a local business was destroyed by a raging fire Tuesday.

The cause of the blaze, at 109 Soule Road in the hamlet of Sammonsville, is still being investigated.

Richard Bentley, who owns the garage, said it held all of the equipment he uses in his tree service business, R Bentley Tree Service.

A storage garage for a local business goes up in flames before firefighters could knock it down. (The Leader-Herald/Bill Trojan)

“We have no insurance. You just don’t expect it to burn,” Bentley said.

“It was where I stored all of my equipment. Years of contracting equipment and all of our chainsaws and climbing gear.”

Bentley said he doesn’t think any of his equipment can be salvaged. He estimated the loss in the thousands of dollars. He said the garage had been built in 1985.

Bentley’s daughter, who lives in the house next to the garage, was home with her husband when the fire started. Her husband noticed smoke when he went out to start his car.

Sammonsville Volunteer Fire Department was first to respond to the call, with Town of Mohawk Fire Department and Meco Volunteer Fire Company at the scene as well.

The Leader-Herald/Bill Trojan A garage/barn fire in the town of Johnstown on 1/10. Richard and June Bentley's property.