Hourly winners of Walleye Challenge released

SACANDAGA LAKE — The hourly winners of the Feb. 17 Walleye Challenge with fish weights have been released by the Fulton Montgomery Regional Chamber of Commerce in descending order, as follows:

∫ Hour one: Jarrod Cheney of Johnstown, 3.4 pounds; Dan King of Edinburg, 2.8; Dan Herron of Johnstown, 2.2; King, 1.8; Michael Anderson of Amsterdam, 1.75; and Braydon Ward of Broadalbin, 1.75.

∫ Hour two: Tom Valachovic of Gloversville, 2.3; Michael Rushman of Cambridge, 2.1; Brian Manzer Sr. of Johnstown, 2.0; Kip Simonds Jr. of Johnstown, 2.0; Ira Cromling Jr. of Broadalbin, 1.95; and Ron Wojtowecz of Rock City Falls, 1.85.

∫ Hour three: Rob Wilson of Schenectady, 4.5; Shaun Henderson of Gloversville, 2.6; Garret Atty of Northville, 2.4; Ted Horton Jr. of Northville, 2.3; Richard Richardson of Northville, 2.3; and Jason Beck of Pattersonville, 2.2.

∫ Hour four: Robert James Burka of Gloversville, 5.2; Bill Lorensen of North River, 2.25; Jennifer Albert of Westerlo, 2.1; Michael Mattice of Wells, 2.1; Kristy Mulhall of Johnstown, 2.0; and Jeremiah Palmeter of Salisbury Center, 1.8.

∫ Hour five: Devon Penge of Saratoga Springs, 2.3; Ted Horton Jr. of Northville, 2.1; George Albert of Westerlo, 2.1; Paul Richard Dunham of Fultonville, 2.0; Jennifer Mattice of Wells, 1.8; and Gary Warnes of Gloversville, 1.7.

∫ Hour six: Chris Kenyon of Gloversville, 3.1; Robert Valachovic of Gloversville, 2.7; Brian Graham of Northville, 2.4; Wyatt Whitman of Gloversville, 2.0; George Albert of Westerlo, 1.9; and Wayne Allen of Mayfield, 1.9.

∫ Hour Seven: Matthew Dean of Granville, 2.5; Paul Richard Dunham of Fultonville, 2.2; Dave McSweeney of Mayfield, 2.0; Rick Spagnola of Amsterdam, 2.0; Michael Anderson of Mayfield, 1.9; McSweeney, 1.9; and Donald Stach of Nyack, 1.9.

∫ Hour eight: Rob Wilson of Schenectady, 2.3; Mike Evens of Gloversville, 2.2; Alan Barron of Northville, 1.7; Ira Cromling III of Broadalbin, 1.65; George Albert of Schenectady, 1.6; and David Towns of Schenectady, 1.6.