Freedom rally against drugs set

GLOVERSVILLE — The Second Street Freedom Rally against heroin and illegal drug sales activity will take place at 6 p.m. today at Wohlfraths Pond, according to a news release.

NeighborhoodsAgainstDrugs establishes a unit in each area of the city which needs to close down a drug house or operation in that particular area. Each unit designs their own approach to the problem using the NAD model and in this case, the NAD unit from Second Street, also representing a three to four block neighboring radius, will hold a freedom rally inviting local residents to attend in support of taking back their particular neighborhood-block from dangerous and illegal drug activity, the news release stated.

A feature of NAD is in the concept that one’s freedom is literally affected by the imposing criminal activity of dealers in their neighborhood that destroys the safety and well being of the neighborhood and causes residents to hide and sacrifice their individual freedoms, the news release stated.

NAD specifically targets the heroin epidemic which has caused drug overdoses and deaths in cities.

Among the speakers on hand for the rally from NAD will be the Rev. Hank McGrath, director; Harold Bryant Jr., security specialist; and Jamie Vanskiver, Second Street ambassador, the news release stated.