Area dancers to attend talent agency convention

Five dancers are shown at a two-convention with Triple Threat Talent Agency. From left are Jenna Paliling, Kyra Bartlett, Lilly K from Dance Moms, Ann Giarrizzo and Chelsea Bartlett. Except for Lilly K, the girls are from Highlights Performing Arts on Johnstown. (Photo submitted)

JOHNSTOWN — Four area dancers were awarded scholarships to attend a two-day convention with Triple Threat Talent Agency at Proctors Theatre in Schenectady.

They are Kyra Bartlett, Chelsea Johnson, Anna Giarrizzo and Jenna Paliling of Highlights Performing Arts on Main Street.

The students performed a two-hour show with more than 100 performers from the Northeast, including Lilly K of Dance Moms and Amy Spanger of Broadway. Bartlett, Johnson, Giarrizzo and Paliling performed an Acro-Dance routine choreographed by instructors Kimberly and Meghan Bartlett.