Kranjcec-Aird receives scholarship

WELLS — The Virginia Hosley Free Library annually awards a scholarship to a selected individual who are residents, or are attending Wells schools. This scholarship is aimed at encouraging students to pursue life skills as well as academic pursuits. It would be common for a student to apply in pursuit of a trade such as building or plumbing as well as traditional pursuits. The library generally prefer students in the tenth or eleventh grades to help them explore their desires for future careers.

In 2017, Marco Kranjcec-Aird applied for the scholarship to a workshop at Amherst College. The program was a summer program for students to get exposure to and develop an awareness of “Web and Mobile Application Development” which is a very basic building block of all of the technology applications we use every day.

Marco attended sessions in the core subjects as well as numerous team building activities with fellow attendees. In Nov., Marco met with the board of the library and gave a very impressive presentation of his experience. His presentation demonstrated the value of his experience in communicating what is usually a difficult subject to explain.