Iroquois seniors plan May N.J. trip

TRIBES HILL — The following meetings for the Tribes Hill Iroquois Seniors began at 10 a.m. At both meetings: Chaplain Barb Furman opened the meeting with a prayer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Furman closed each meeting with the closing prayer.

March 29: The social hour was hosted by Dolores and Bill Danelorich, and Mary Hart.

Furman gave a reading titled, “Dark Clouds.”

The role was taken by President Sherry Meyers, with 24 members present.

Meyers introduced the guest speaker, Peter Tautznik from the Pine Hill Rifle Club, who discussed a program sponsored by the National Rifle Association titled, “Refuse to be a Victim.”

Trip committee: Pat Schwartz reported on the May 23, trip to New Jersey. She has enough members signed up for the trip to go as planned. She will begin collecting money for the trip.

Pam Jasewicz read the minutes from the March 15, and March 22, meetings and they were approved.

Sunshine: Various cards were sent out to members.

Office for the Aging: Furman commented on the luncheon and information session hosted by attorney Del Salmon at the Raindancer.

The refreshment committee for April will be Genie Hojohn, Ruth Lohmeyer and Anita Bush.

Jasewicz reported that the social committee is holding off on scheduling events until attendance improves.

The 50-50 winners were Furman and Meyers.

The spring luncheon will be May 10, at the Johnstown Holiday Inn. A sign-up sheet was sent around to sign up for an entree choice of chicken francaise, prime rib or broiled haddock. Schwartz volunteered to decorate for the luncheon and the club is still looking for entertainment.

Meyers reminded members to bring items for the food pantry at the April 5, meeting.

April 5: The social hour was hosted by Bush, Hojohn and Lohmeyer.

Furman gave a reading titled, “Indispensable.”

President Sherry Meyers announced the April birthdays: Nora Olander, April 7; Winnie Vosburgh, April 14; and Judy Russo, April 22. April anniversaries: Tony and Emily Scott, April 18; and Bill and Dolores Danelorich, April 26.

The roll was taken by Furman, with 30 members and one guest, Kathy Avery present.

Barbara Lampkin read the treasurer’s report which will be filed for audit.

Barb Minch, secretary, read the minutes from the March 29, meeting and were approved.

Trip committee: Schwartz reported she has 25 signed for the New Jersey trip to the Grounds of Sculpture on May 23. She needs the payment by April 19. The bus will leave at 7 a.m. and arrive in New Jersey around 12:30 p.m. The tour of the grounds is scheduled for 1 p.m. and will last about an hour. After the tour, attendees will have time on their own to explore the grounds before the bus will depart for the hotel. The dinner will be at 6:30 p.m. at The Cracker Barrel.

Sunshine: Cards will be sent to several members.

Jasewicz reported: On April 26, the club will have bingo after the meeting; members can bring a sandwich for lunch if they like. A sign-up sheet is being sent around for the spring luncheon at the Johnstown Holiday Inn.

Furman brought in the jar filled with pretzels to show everyone what it looks like for the craft day the club wants to have.

Show and Tell: Lampkin brought in two quilts she made while on vacation and Furman brought in a Christmas stocking she crocheted.

The 50-50 winners were Kathy Avery and Harriet Zurlo.

Lampkin, Furman and Bob Montenaro shared some funny jokes.

Katherine Downing reminded the refreshment committee that they need to dispose of the garbage after the meetings.

Jasewicz reminded the club: At 1 p.m. Thursday (April 12) will be movie day at the Emerald Cinema, Amsterdam. The cost of $5 includes a drink and popcorn. After the movie, members can visit the Chinese Buffet

The meeting adjourned.

If anyone is looking for something to do from 10 a.m. to noon Thursday and wants to meet new people, feel free to come to a meeting. They meet at 10 a.m. every Thursday at the Sacred Heart Church Hall, Third Avenue, Tribes Hill and are always looking for new members.