A glimpse into an adult home

A poem by Alma Jean Avery

All in this haven are beyond the grace of youth.

A grieving wind whispers through the aisles.

Mingling with litany of prayer.

In these calendars of broken days,

The spirit of reflections they will share.

Quietly gathered, the elderly await the day.

Solemnly, silently, as if in a sacred place,

As a candle glowing, a rare smile casts beauty on an aged face.

Forgetful and feeble, as the fading radiance of the winter sun,

As fragile as clinging leaves when autumn is done.

Youth was ever a flowing fountain,

With goals and dreams too numerous to fulfill.

Yesterday and yesteryear are fragments of today.

Memory turns pages where thoughts linger still.

With patience in passage of these winter days,

Remembering nights full of the past, the joy of summer’s dawn.

To marvel, how dear, how precious, the things that remain.

Even when all else of youth is gone.

Alma Avery is a current resident of Willing Helpers. She writes poetry almost daily and has shared this and other selections with the staff and residents of the home.