Red auction planned for Bannertown seniors

MAYFIELD — The Bannertown 50 Plus Seniors meeting of Jan. 31, opened the day with a social hour.

Chaplain Carl Edwards read the devotion, “I put my trust in you, Dear Lord. “The Lord’s Prayer” followed.

The Office for the Aging luncheon was served.

President Bob Leach opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Nancy Hayes read the roll call.

Lorrie Valk, secretary, read the minutes from the previous meeting.

Joan Bezio, treasurer, gave the report.

Valk did as follow: Mentioned that the signup sheet for the April trip is on the table and will be for the next month; handed out information about the pending trip to San Antonio, Texas in October; asked for everyone to let Valk or Bezio know if they are interested in going.

Janet Betler has the order sheets for the next Rada Knife sale. The orders have to be in by March 15, so the items will be here for Easter.

The next meeting on Wednesday, will be the red auction. The cookie committee will be Sharon Leach and Evie Leach.

It was decided to do a St. Patty’s Day potluck luncheon at the March 14, meeting.

The meeting adjourned and drawings were held. The winners were Edwards, the door prize; Ann Mallin, the 50-50; and Jamie Ward, $1. All money was donated back to the club.

Bingo was played.