Perth seniors set to meet on Wednesday

PERTH — The Perth Seniors held their meeting on Jan. 31, at 10:45 a.m.

President Anita Bush led in “The Lord’s Prayer” and in the Pledge of Allegiance.

There were 20 in attendance.

The 50-50 was won by Grace Bevington-Eglin.

The birthdays announced for January were Nadine Werner and Mary Kaupelis.

Rose Matthews gave the secretary’s report and Mary Stachnik gave the treasurer’s report. Both were accepted.

The kitchen report was given by Wanna Crosbie.

Membership: Sylvia Zierak stated is taking dues.

Sunshine: Fran Smith stated she sent a birthday and get well cards.

The anniversary party will be held the end of April — more information to come.

Trips: Carl Hoff, chairman; and committee are, Kay Hoff, Anita Bush, and Elaine Gasner. Carl Hoff wants suggestions where members want to go.

Correspondence: Bevington-Eglin — Nathan Littauer HealthLink letter; travel show Feb. 20, in Albany; card from Pam and Bill Jazewicz, who are vacationing in Florida; and a note from Donna Chambers.

New business: The announcement was made if schools are closed, the seniors will not meet.

Peter Betz, liaison for the town, gave the assessor’s report. He also told some jokes.

The next meeting will be Wednesday.

The meeting adjourned.