Nick Stoner Seniors meeting minutes

CAROGA LAKE — The Nick Stoner Seniors met Feb. 6. Grace Eglin, president, called the meeting to order. Mary Lou Paterson said the prayer and Grace Eglin led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance and Hello to Your Neighbor.

The guest speaker was Erica Beck from the Office for the Aging, who discussed the many free health prevention assistance that Medicare now offers. If anyone is interested, they can call the office for information.

Marion Snell gave the secretary’s report which was accepted as read.

Shirley Holliday gave the treasury report and that was accepted and sent to audit. The audit committee will be Paterson , Linda Rhinehart, and Jean Griffin. They will meet after the next meeting on March 6.

Griffin gave the hospitality report. The refreshment committee for March 6, meeting is Audrey Gessinger, David Nilsen, and Donna Frank

The sunshine report was given by Barb MacFee, who has sent out 22 cards between Dec. 19, 2017, and Feb. 6.

Holliday gave the membership report; the dues are coming in right along .

Janice McLaughlin gave the Penpal report. The letters are slow coming; she will speak with the teacher .

McLaughlin passed out this year’s trip agenda.

In new business: The group voted not to have meetings in the months of January and February due to the inclement weather. A vote was taken and passed. The bylaws will have an attached amendment to state so Holliday will print up and attach to the club bylaws.

Paterson suggested the seniors have a bake sale in November at the town hall during the elections to raise money for the club. Motions were made; the motion passed with all in favor.

The group sang “Happy Birthday” to Eglin and Gessinger.

Dottie Richeson sold raffle tickets and took attendance. There were 21 members and two guests present. The meeting adjourned. After the meeting the 50-25-25 raffle was won by Holliday and Eglin. Griffin passed a jar of candy hearts around and everyone guessed how many were in the jar. Martha Mongato was the closest. Rhinehart, Hannah Snell and Eglin won prizes too. Paterson won the door prize. Refreshments were served .